January 24, 2011

One Little Word

Have you heard about this? I believe Ali Edwards started this, the latest craze out there. Forget New Year’s resolutions. Instead, choose a word that embodies not only things you’d like to accomplish but how you’d like to BE for the next year.

Think about it. It might take a while. Some of the following words are popular. Family. Love. Improve. Believe. Give. Live.

Mine, well I chose ORGANIZE. Not ORGANIZED because it is never finished, in the past, all done. And not just my house, rooms, closets, shelves or drawers. My mind, my day-to-day life. My money, my commitments.

I’ve already started. I’ve found some new organizers to replace the hodge-podge of containers on my craft desk. I’ve reorganized some of my craft shelves which weren’t too bad to start with. I’ve created some new storage from recycled items (to come when I ORGANIZE the design team work that made them a two-fer) that aren’t just functional but down right pretty.

The bigger projects are still coming up. My bedroom is a disaster. My overflow craft storage space is NUTS! My 3 yo son’s room isn’t liveable because it is too cluttered with his brother’s hand-me-downs (good thing he still sleeps in our bed and plays downstairs). My basement isn’t just cluttered, or messy or nasty. It is an ABOMINATION! But that requires hubby’s help and his word of the year is NOT Organize! (He doesn’t have one, can you believe that! LOL)

The hardest project of all. Yes, there is one worse than an abominable basement. Organize my mind. I need to remember to study the Bible with my kids, several times a week because they can’t sit for the recommended hour at once; maybe even every day! Prioritize what needs to be done most and do it first which includes design team work, Swap-Bot and cards that need to be mailed. Get used to leaving EARLY for things and not leaving EVERYTHING to the last minute. Keep track of things going on at school. Check in with my friends at a reasonable hour because I am a night owl and they are not. Get in bed at a decent hour and not watch TV until it is tomorrow.

It all takes organizing. I think I’ll make a list of things I’ve accomplished, no matter how small and keep you updated as I go. Of course, to remember to do that, well, it takes organizing. {{{SIGH}}}.

So what is your word?

With a determined spirit,

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