February 20, 2009

Finally Back - Sort of...

Well, I am on the mend but still so tired and now the baby is sick too! GRRR. One member of the family has been sick with either a cough, fever, cold or throwing up for a MONTH! I have stepped a foot out of the house exactly TWICE in the entire month of February and once was to go to the ER! I am not exaggerating in the slightest! I am so over this, I wish I was over being sick! So I pulled up a card I made for my stash ages ago that I sent to the Children's Hospital instead of a Valentine. Nothing fancy, hope you like it.
triple floral best wishes
Good layout for small stamps!

Enjoy, Rebecca

sincere salutations, greetings galore (I think), floral background
Paper: barely banana, certainly celery, white, rose red CS
Ink: rose red, certainly celery
Accessories: Coluzzle, markers, foam dots
Technique: direct-to-stamp colouring. All products by SU!

February 18, 2009

Still sick!

Not only am I still sick with this nasty sore throat but now I have
weird lights dancing in front of my eyes. I've been listening to
music; can't really craft or read too many emails at once. Just got
home from over 7 hours in ER to make sure it wasn't something serious
related to my lupus or something neurological (brain related). It
probably is an atypical (unusual set of symptoms) migraine. No pain? I
guess that is way atypical!! So I see an opthamologist tomorrow to
verify it but really they just exclude everything else until that is
the only thing left. I promise I will do the TT10 card eventually; at
this rate, in time for TT11! Thanks for all the well wishes, they
really perk me up. I've had enough of the lights now so enough staring
at a screen. Bye.


February 16, 2009

Sorry for no new posts!

For about a month, our family has been sick. We have gone through
colds, coughs, sore throats and tummy upsets. One after the other we
have been passing the germs around. This weekend was yet another of my
turns for the sore throat! I get a lot if them anyway because of my
lupus; if I am stressed or tired, instant sore throat, but this one is
a doozy and a cough besides.
Sorry, I don't even have the energy to pull up an old photo to show
you. I am posting via email from my iPhone again. I sure hope we are
all better soon. I don't even want to make anything and that
practically never happens! Hope you are well and be sure to visit
again or take a few minutes to visit my previous work!


February 14, 2009

Fifth Avenue Floral Blues

fifth ave blue Obviously this is the 'brother' to the card from yesterday. Why not make two while you have the stuff out?

Enjoy, Rebecca

Fifth Avenue Floral
Paper: bashful blue
Ink: bashful blue, brocade blue, night of navy
Accessories: navy sheer ribbon. All products by SU!

Chocolate Floral

ETA: I replaced the photo with a decent one and I added the recipe that got deleted some strange way!

I'm trying something new-posting by email. I couldn't sleep and since I wanted to get a card done for yet another PTI challenge, I decided to get up and do it. I would have waited for later but I'll probably be too busy to get it done in time. I am sleepy now so rather than photographing the card and getting out my laptop to post, hopefully this will work OK. I will replace this photo and fix up the post later.

Enjoy, Rebecca

Fifth Avenue Floral, Hero Arts rick rack
Ink: Versamark, Chocolate chip
Paper: chocolate, vanilla CS
Accessories: button, ruffled chocolate ribbon, silk ribbon-UK, vanilla EP

February 12, 2009

Fifth Avenue Floral Pink

I totally went with the CAS principal here. Clean and simple. One layer, one embellishment, one stamp set, how much simpler can it be?
fifth ave pink I can't believe I've had this stamp set for two weeks and hadn't even used it! I like that it is so versatile. I love it as line art and I've seen it shaded and coloured in and it looks so real! I wanted something quick; I think this will be my new go-to card when I need something quickly. I think this would work for most occasions. It could be for a shower, thank you, wedding, thinking of you or even sympathy (maybe not in pink).

Oh, yes, I noticed the ribbon is crooked. Fortunately it is only wrapped around; I slit the card's fold to thread it through before tying it-no glue dots. I'll fix it before giving it away.

Enjoy, Rebecca

Fifth Avenue Floral
Ink: regal rose, rose red, bravo burgundy
Paper: pink pirouette CS
Accessories: sheer pink ribbon
All products by SU!

25 Random Facts About Me!

Kelly Goree of {behind the pages} just posted 25 random things about herself. She tagged anyone reading her blog to post the same so here is mine.

1. I used to sew custom bras but I find it very boring work. One bra is the same as the last unless you are making art bras. Apparently there were a few at CHA! Customers want white, nude, black, supportive and no-show under shirts. Not that I blame them, it is just boring to sew those. That is why I like cards-always different from the last.

2. I LOVE to teach. I can teach nearly anything I know how to do myself. I now teach bra making (in Toronto and in my home) and that is much more fun! I also sell kits and teach bra making online.

3. I HATE bugs especially spiders, caterpillars and things with tons of legs.

4. My favourite fruits are peaches and raspberries. Yogen Fruz makes a great blend with these two!

5. The only colours of purple I really like to use are perfect plum, pale plum and eggplant. I hate tangerine orange, emerald green and royal blue.

6. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid. National Geographic was my favourite magazine especially when there were skeletons, mummies or sunken treasure in it! I am not an archaeologist because of #3. Do you have any idea how big bugs grow in the countries I dreamed about like Africa and Egypt??

7. I wish I had taken art classes in high school. Having a background in colour theory and art history would be a great asset now.

8. If I was well (I have lupus) and we had enough money I would happily have TONS of kids.

9. My favourite stage of my baby’s lives was newborn. The tinier the better (short of premature of course).

10. I cried the whole morning before my first son’s circumcision. The doctor walked in and I turned into the nurse, totally calm, helpful. He cried when the doctor strapped him in but not a peep for the main event. My second son is NOT circumcised.

11. I only went out on a first date with Tim (now my husband) because he was sweet and I felt bad saying no. It was a mercy date.

12. My best girlfriend's name is also Rebecca and she currently rents the house where I used to live.

13. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Australia (before I saw the movie, even more so now).

14. Out of 6 semesters in nursing college, I got the highest mark in the class for three of them.

15. My mom could not believe that I could possibly have a child with blonde hair. My dad is dark, she is blonde and all three of us girls were dark. My husband is blonde so the same genetic mix between he and I as my mom and dad (even going back in the generations). Even as my first son was born, blonde, she wouldn’t believe it until his hair was dry! My second son was born with medium brown hair, he is now blonde too!

16. I HATE losing things. I can’t find my adhesive eraser or the new white taffeta ribbon I just bought from Stampin' Up!! (my son was supposed to put it on my craft room table-he probably dropped it and the cat got it!) and it is driving me CRAZY!!!! I nearly fell apart when I lost my 4 GB camera card last week-there were no photos on it! Total overreaction. (ETA-I wrote this about two weeks ago and was waiting to post until I had no cards to post because I was busy or sick. Since then, I found them both!! Yeah!)

17. I LOVE my iPhone. I don’t know how I remembered anything without it. Actually, I forgot most things. It runs my life.

18. In grade 7, I circulated a petition to get rid of a teacher. I loved school, was a good student both academically and behaviourally  and had never done anything like this before. She was truly horrible. She deserved it! She was more like an emotional torturer than a teacher!

19. I am double jointed. I am so flexible, doctors have a hard time assessing my arthritis because when I am stiff, I still am more flexible than most people are normally. You can only compare me to me for these things.

20. Animals love me. Horses who don’t like to be caught from the field come to me. Cats that don’t like to be petted flip over and expose their bellies. Pets that hide from visitors come out to see me and I love them back.

21. I am terrible at sports and HATE exercising. I did like gymnastics in grade 9 gym class and love dancing and horseback riding. I don’t watch sports on TV either, except the Olympics, go figure! Go Vancouver 2010!

22. When the kids are older, I am going back to school to become a lactation consultant. I loved breastfeeding my boys (still nursing the baby, 20.5 months) and am passionate about helping women to breastfeed successfully. The evidence shows the benefits of breastfeeding are incredible for both mom and baby. I feel so bad for women in the US (or other places) where maternity leave is less than one year. I can’t imagine going back to work full time so early and it makes nursing much more challenging (but doable).

23. All of my nightwear is pink or blue or white with pink or blue flowers. No idea why. I don’t specifically choose them that way. I didn’t even notice until I was folding laundry one day.

24. I hate accessorizing. You will never see me with a fancy scarf or belt or layered shirts or even pantyhose. Are socks supposed to match your shirt or pants (I go with pants)? I wear pants with a sweaters in the winter or t-shirts in the summer. Oh and I hate tucking in shirts. I won’t buy a shirt that needs to be tucked in. I love dresses because you throw them on, no coordination or tucking required!! I do like cute (and cheap) shoes though I don't have that many. Thank you Payless.

25. I am terrible at cards. I have to relearn a game practically every time I play it again. I renege (is that spelled right?) in euchre without meaning to. I forget what it means if you order up your partner (do you have to go alone or…) You get the idea. I love board games though and I get way too competitive.

I am off to find my ribbon…


February 10, 2009

Elegant Thank You for Twinkling Tuesday

We had a guest sketch designer today AKA Temporary Twinkie! The daughter of Twinkling Team member Heather, Piper-6 years old, came up with today's sketch. Thanks for the challenge and the pretty colours Piper. I did a bit of tweaking as always, I bumped the opposing rounded corners down one level and didn't add any hearts (sorry), oh and my ribbon was under one more layer. Still, pretty close. In a way this was my own Limited Supply Challenge. One piece of patterned paper with border, one piece of 12x12" textured CS, one piece of vanilla CS, one stamp set and one colour of ink!
elegant thank you
The paper is double-sided, the border works as the crisscross detail; granted it is a bit hard to see on the black patterned paper. I used chalks to lightly colour the flowers and butterflies. I am not so into cutesy as seems to be the current trend. So I was really happy to see this vintage set by Inkadinkadoo. I remember getting stamps from them back in the 80's when I was a teenager. they were one of only a few stamp companies around. I still have clip_image002most of them! All three images are stamped with black craft ink and embossed with clear powder-I *HATE* black craft ink! It is so messy but the result is worth it. I know, I could use Versamark and use black EP but I *HATE* the flecks of black EP more! Only other interesting notes; the button is MOP (mother of Pearl) from my sewing stash and this card is big to accommodate all the layers-6x6".

We'd love it if you would play along! Upload your version of the sketch to your blog or PCP or SCS with keyword MTTSC9. Be sure to link to Madelynn's blog, see the sidebar. Need inspiration? Check out the rest of the team's work. They're all on the sidebar too! <----------------------

Enjoy, Rebecca

Ink: black craft ink-SU!, Adirondack black ink
Paper: black CS-Bazzill, vanilla-SU!, patterned paper-Clear Impressions
Accessories: buttons-UK, clear EP and chalk-SU!, embroidery floss-DMC, ribbon UK, black foam dots-Jody Morrow, corner rounder-EK Success

February 08, 2009

You've Got Purse-anality

I can't believe I got anything done today at all. I feel really yucky and slept practically all day. I wouldn't even have made this except I really want to win some Paper Trey stuff and this is for their sketch contest! So this is a super quick card; I know, it's kinda boring.  I did paper piece the purse but because all of the purse anality lines are straight-ish it only takes a few seconds. I do want to point out one thing. When I paper piece things made from seamed fabric (as opposed to wallpaper or carpet or a blanket) , I prefer to cut out separately each piece that would be cut separately from the pattern. I guess it is the sewer in me! For instance, a lot of people are paper piecing the Who's That Girl line. I think the sleeves should be pieced separately! Otherwise the paper's pattern continues from the body along the arm and doesn't look as realistic than if you pieced the sleeve separately. KWIM? Although the print here is small and not too noticeable, I pieced the main part of the purse separately from the flap or side panel as these would be cut from different pattern pieces IRL and the pattern of the fabric wouldn't match at the seams. I must add though that a few people, including my mom, would make sure the pattern was the same on the flap as the main part of the purse. She did this for a purse she made my sister.

Enjoy, Rebecca

H and M
Paper: always amethyst- SU!, Basic Grey Gypsy paper pad
Ink: always amethyst-SU!
Accessories: Liquid Pearls, foam dots-SU!, Kaiser Pearls
Techniques: paper piecing

February 07, 2009

Paper Trey Contest - Rainbow Heart

Those gals at Paper Trey don't give a ya much time to create! I know they want their 2nd Anniversary Bash to be fast paced but only one day to make a card for their contest? Whew!! So this could have been more interesting if I had more time but it certainly also worked for the SCS Limited Supply Challenge 205 - Clean and Simple! This card only took about 15 minutes to make and most of that was rainbow heartused up trying to figure out how to Cuttlebug emboss the WHOLE front of my card (the folders are just a bit smaller than a typical card front - WHY!!) and trying to find my scissors! {ARGHHHH!} My biggest pet peeve is LOST STUFF! DRIVES ME INSANE UNTIL IT IS FOUND! If there wasn't a time limit to this challenge I would not be blogging; I would be searching!!They were there on my stamping desk last night for Pete's sake!!!!!!!!

The PTI Over The Rainbow colour challenge card was to use red, yellow, green and turquoise. You could also add one or two other 'rainbow' colours. I actually would have preferred to ditch the green but when a ton of cardstock is at stake - the prize - I didn't want to take any chances. The heart and mat are hand cut.

Enjoy, Rebecca

Old Island Stamp Company
Paper: vanilla, baja breeze, riding hood red CS
Ink: riding hood red, baja breeze
Accessories: old olive, summer sun markers and foam dots-SU!, ribbon-UK, swiss dots embossing folder Cuttlebug
Tecniques: dry embossing, marker stamp colouring

February 05, 2009

Parisian Embellished Purse Box

Isn't this pretty? I try not to toot my own horn too much but I am really happy with this purse box. This is the first Timeless Template I have used and I am entering it in the Paper Trey bag challenge. If you are interested, go to Paper Trey Ink and click on Packaging. You pay for them (ONLY $5 each!) and download them right away so no waiting for shipping. You get a file with the template and another with 5 ideas of how to use the template.
purse box main The base is made from cardstock; I covered the front and flap with designer paper. I went with the Ways To Use It Challenge from today to embellish the purse fastener. I believe the title was called Embellishment Pile-Up! Cute name huh?? The fastener is just a little cardstock tab you attach to the underside of the flap and slip into a slit in the front of the purse. My slit was a bit messy purse box closeup so I needed to cover it up anyway. I made the ribbon rosette and sewed on the buttons. The pretty pin from CTMH comes with the pink flower head only. I added the beads and the rhinestone from my stash. After adding the pretty pin, the back of the ribbon rosette was very uneven and the whole thing is quite heavy. I chose to sew the whole thing down to the cardstock. I used my 1/16" hole punch to create holes in the CS so the needle would pass through more easily.

You will notice a slight difference between the original photo and the close up. I finished taking the photos and realized I HADN'T STAMPED anything. {{ARGH!!}} Seriously, is that possible?? So I went back and added a tag on the pretty pin. Sorry it is so hard to see the handle; when taking close-ups, it is hard to get everything in focus. It has a small bead then a large bead then a small bead with a slight space between each on both sides just above the insertion into the purse flap.

Enjoy, Rebecca

OH, one other thing, be sure to visit Jessica at The Whimsical Butterfly - she has really yummy  BLOG CANDY! You have to make a card using Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday Sketch 8 by Feb 10, 8am so get working. Be sure to check out the other rules on her blog.

love-retired SU!
Paper: pink pirouette, white, chocolate chip CS, Parisian Summer DSP
Ink: pretty in pink-SU!
Accessories: ribbon-Offray, round buttons-Basic Grey, flower button-SU!, thread-Mettler, pretty pin-CTMH, rhinestone-Zva Creative, pearls and beads-UK, crystal-Swarovski, tag die Quickutz, sterling silver split ring (to attach tag)-UK.

Champagne and Roses Card

I made this card for two challenges but the real challenge ended up being the photography! This card was so hard to photograph. Without flash, it looks too dark overall. With flash, the 'champagne' looks uneven and blotchy. I did my best but when you are entering a challenge with a prize, this really sucks! Anyhoo, this is for Mojo Monday sketch challenge 72 and SCS Ways To Use It 203 Bottoms Up! Make a card with something to do with alcohol. Along with the image, I used Copics as shadows.
 champagne and roses2
The image is stamped in Versamark and heat embossed with gold powder. The 'champagne' is painted with a mixture of Radiant Pearls and pink gold Pearl Ex. It looks so beautiful IRL; it just  champagne and roses closeup looks OK here. The rose is coloured in with riding hood red ink using a watercolour brush, same technique using old olive for the leaf. The shading is just multiple layers of the same ink. I shadowed the image with Copic C-1 and C-3 in areas where the items touch the 'base' or 'table' but the glasses are edged in B-00. TIP: Just so you know, I found out on a previous card that you cannot actually touch the embossing with your Copic. It seems to dissolve the embossing ruining the shine on the embossing and mucking up your marker. I was careful to come close without actually touching. The ribbon is actually two ribbons layered together. The ribbon rosette actually matches much better IRL; it looks a bit too peachy here.

Enjoy, Rebecca

Ink: Versamark; riding hood red, old olive SU!
Paper: Basic Grey Bittersweet paper pack; pretty in pink, pink pirouette, white CS-SU!
Accessories: ribbon rosette with pearl-UK, SU! scalloped edge punch, MS lace edge punch, Pilot gold paint pen, foam dots-SU! and UK, Radiant Pearls, pink gold Pearl Ex, watercolour brush, Copic Markers
Techniques: heat embossing, ink watercolour, gold edging

Blog Candy Alerts

KL Stampin N Scrappin blog is offering:

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  • Bittersweet glazed brads pack,
  • tiny mosaic embossing folder,
  • some brown ribbons,
  • scalloped scissors,
  • and a totally CASED card from the BasicGrey Bittersweet card kit.
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    February 04, 2009

    Love-ly Bling Rose Card

    I haven't done a triple challenge card in a while! This one is for SCS Sketch Challenge SC213. Then I did the Stamp Simply No Time To Stamp weekly challenge SSNOTIME72 to make a love card. The last challenge was Creating With Chrissy Belli Challenge - Make a Cake CBC52. This was a really unique challenge; Chrissy gave us a lovely bling rose
    list of cake ingredients and we were to choose 5. Then she listed each ingredient and either a technique or embellishment that corresponded. I choose flour, sugar, vanilla, eggs and chocolate. These corresponded to brads, designer paper, ribbon, scalloped punch/Nestabilities and buttons. I had a blast working these in.

    Enjoy, Rebecca

    Basic Grey Gypsy pad, chocolate chip, pink pirouette, pretty in pink, white CS-SU!
    Stamps: Wild Rose, Love-retired set
    Ink: pretty in pink, pink pirouette, chocolate chip
    Accessories: old olive, certainly celery markers, foam dots - SU!Basic Grey buttons and brad, tag die Quickutz, Nestabilities Label 1, Cuttlebug embossing folder, bling-Zva Creative
    Techniques: two-step stamping, embossing, masking

    February 02, 2009

    Ribbon and Roses - Twinkling Tuesday

    I think this stamp has seen ink maybe once. I seem to be doing well with my goal to use older stamps instead of buying quite so many new ones. (I just switched my addiction to embellishments and tools!! HEHE LOL) I have always loved this stamp but it is bold and doesn't like to 'share' with other stamps. It is so big it takes up almost the whole card. I had to go with a larger size than I normally use to get the ribbon on there, it is 6x6". It's a beauty though, right? I wish I could draw like this. It is hard to see how shiny it is from the main photo; be sure to click on the enlargement so see the embossing shine!

    My oh my. Miss Maddie has her own blog now! So, if you would like to play along with her sketch, be sure to link your creation to Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesdays whether you upload to your blog, SCS or PCP with MTTSC8. Every week will feature a different team member. Any team member particularly fond of their creation can also upload their card even if it isn't their week. I will still be uploading my cards here as well even when it is my week to be featured. Be sure to check out the Twinkle Team's work-links on my sidebar! <--------
    ribbon and roses main 
    I was going to use my Copics to colour this. I didn't know that Copics and embossing do NOT get along! It seemed to dissolve the ribbon and roses embossing and took the shine right off of it and icky grunge ended up on my marker tip. **ARRGGHH** Thank goodness I had only done a tiny bit and the marker tip cleaned itself while I scribbled on a scrap! Next time, I'll use vellum and colour on the back. I think it needs something in the upper corners. It is too clip_image002blank up there. What do you think??? Maybe a subtle swirly rubon? I don't think I have any in vanilla. Maybe a white one and lightly sponge it with Copic scribbled on a sponge soaked in blender solution to make it more vanilla? I don't think I can apply it directly though I could try it. I actually coloured the pearls on the pretty pin with E00 so they wouldn't be quite so bright.

    Enjoy, Rebecca

    Paper: barely banana, vanilla CS-SU!, Basic Grey Two Scoops
    Ink: Versamark, regal rose-SU!
    Accessories: Pretty Pins-CTMH; ribbon, gold EP and foam dots-SU!, Nestabilities, SU! markers, Copic E00,

    You Grow Girl

    This card is for my son's teacher; she is expecting this summer. She recently took time off work for health reasons with no return date given and we were worried that it was serious. Turns out she was staying home to avoid getting a disease, measles I assume, because of the baby. Remember, I am getting this info from an 8 year old! Jameson really missed her and did NOT like the substitute so I think we should celebrate her return and good you grow girl plumnews. Honestly, it's about time I had something happy to make a card for that wasn't just for my stash!! The last few cards I made for specific occasions were sympathy cards. :( She loves purple so the card is purple. Dontcha just love how easy it is to make a customized card? No way I would find a purple expecting card with a dark haired woman on it!

    This is an almost all SU! card. Easy to put together, no surprises. I would credit the artist who designed a pink and brown ballet Sophia card with this same layered tag I CASED but I can't read the watermark, sorry. If it was your card, please let me know and I will credit you.

    Enjoy, Rebecca

    Stripes and Swell News by SU!, hearts by Hero Arts 
    Paper: perfect plum, white, pale plum CS
    Ink: Adirondack black, perfect plum, pale plum
    Accessories: tag punches, oval punch, brads, piercer and template, foam dots, Copic markers, eggplant grosgrain and white taffeta ribbon. All products SU! unless otherwise noted.