February 12, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me!

Kelly Goree of {behind the pages} just posted 25 random things about herself. She tagged anyone reading her blog to post the same so here is mine.

1. I used to sew custom bras but I find it very boring work. One bra is the same as the last unless you are making art bras. Apparently there were a few at CHA! Customers want white, nude, black, supportive and no-show under shirts. Not that I blame them, it is just boring to sew those. That is why I like cards-always different from the last.

2. I LOVE to teach. I can teach nearly anything I know how to do myself. I now teach bra making (in Toronto and in my home) and that is much more fun! I also sell kits and teach bra making online.

3. I HATE bugs especially spiders, caterpillars and things with tons of legs.

4. My favourite fruits are peaches and raspberries. Yogen Fruz makes a great blend with these two!

5. The only colours of purple I really like to use are perfect plum, pale plum and eggplant. I hate tangerine orange, emerald green and royal blue.

6. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid. National Geographic was my favourite magazine especially when there were skeletons, mummies or sunken treasure in it! I am not an archaeologist because of #3. Do you have any idea how big bugs grow in the countries I dreamed about like Africa and Egypt??

7. I wish I had taken art classes in high school. Having a background in colour theory and art history would be a great asset now.

8. If I was well (I have lupus) and we had enough money I would happily have TONS of kids.

9. My favourite stage of my baby’s lives was newborn. The tinier the better (short of premature of course).

10. I cried the whole morning before my first son’s circumcision. The doctor walked in and I turned into the nurse, totally calm, helpful. He cried when the doctor strapped him in but not a peep for the main event. My second son is NOT circumcised.

11. I only went out on a first date with Tim (now my husband) because he was sweet and I felt bad saying no. It was a mercy date.

12. My best girlfriend's name is also Rebecca and she currently rents the house where I used to live.

13. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Australia (before I saw the movie, even more so now).

14. Out of 6 semesters in nursing college, I got the highest mark in the class for three of them.

15. My mom could not believe that I could possibly have a child with blonde hair. My dad is dark, she is blonde and all three of us girls were dark. My husband is blonde so the same genetic mix between he and I as my mom and dad (even going back in the generations). Even as my first son was born, blonde, she wouldn’t believe it until his hair was dry! My second son was born with medium brown hair, he is now blonde too!

16. I HATE losing things. I can’t find my adhesive eraser or the new white taffeta ribbon I just bought from Stampin' Up!! (my son was supposed to put it on my craft room table-he probably dropped it and the cat got it!) and it is driving me CRAZY!!!! I nearly fell apart when I lost my 4 GB camera card last week-there were no photos on it! Total overreaction. (ETA-I wrote this about two weeks ago and was waiting to post until I had no cards to post because I was busy or sick. Since then, I found them both!! Yeah!)

17. I LOVE my iPhone. I don’t know how I remembered anything without it. Actually, I forgot most things. It runs my life.

18. In grade 7, I circulated a petition to get rid of a teacher. I loved school, was a good student both academically and behaviourally  and had never done anything like this before. She was truly horrible. She deserved it! She was more like an emotional torturer than a teacher!

19. I am double jointed. I am so flexible, doctors have a hard time assessing my arthritis because when I am stiff, I still am more flexible than most people are normally. You can only compare me to me for these things.

20. Animals love me. Horses who don’t like to be caught from the field come to me. Cats that don’t like to be petted flip over and expose their bellies. Pets that hide from visitors come out to see me and I love them back.

21. I am terrible at sports and HATE exercising. I did like gymnastics in grade 9 gym class and love dancing and horseback riding. I don’t watch sports on TV either, except the Olympics, go figure! Go Vancouver 2010!

22. When the kids are older, I am going back to school to become a lactation consultant. I loved breastfeeding my boys (still nursing the baby, 20.5 months) and am passionate about helping women to breastfeed successfully. The evidence shows the benefits of breastfeeding are incredible for both mom and baby. I feel so bad for women in the US (or other places) where maternity leave is less than one year. I can’t imagine going back to work full time so early and it makes nursing much more challenging (but doable).

23. All of my nightwear is pink or blue or white with pink or blue flowers. No idea why. I don’t specifically choose them that way. I didn’t even notice until I was folding laundry one day.

24. I hate accessorizing. You will never see me with a fancy scarf or belt or layered shirts or even pantyhose. Are socks supposed to match your shirt or pants (I go with pants)? I wear pants with a sweaters in the winter or t-shirts in the summer. Oh and I hate tucking in shirts. I won’t buy a shirt that needs to be tucked in. I love dresses because you throw them on, no coordination or tucking required!! I do like cute (and cheap) shoes though I don't have that many. Thank you Payless.

25. I am terrible at cards. I have to relearn a game practically every time I play it again. I renege (is that spelled right?) in euchre without meaning to. I forget what it means if you order up your partner (do you have to go alone or…) You get the idea. I love board games though and I get way too competitive.

I am off to find my ribbon…



Janna said...

How fun was this! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself!


Christi Flores said...

What a fun read! I love all of these fun facts about you!

Cassie said...

oh - soooo loved reading this and getting to know you better! so glad you found your camera card - hope you find the ribbon - that would irk me too! of course, i've lost my regal rose ink pad every time i've used it and wasted 30 minutes looking for it the other day ---- only to find it exactly where it belonged - with all the other inkpads! sheesh!
i'll probably be back later to re-read as we have to dash off to an appointment!