August 04, 2010

Back from CHA!

I had a great time at the CHA Consumer Show. I didn’t get too many photos but I will show you the awesome make n takes a bit later. They were amazing with usually less than a 5 minute line! The PTI booth seemed to be the busiest, especially right after the show opened. Being about 10th in line, I could have gone to the make n take or the booth. I (unwisely) chose to do the make n take first thinking the lines would be as long as at the Creativ Festival in Toronto (difficult to get to make ANYTHING) but I should have hit the store first because 10 minutes after opening, I was stuck in the store for an HOUR!

I was a bit disappointed that few manufacturers stayed to show us the new stuff but a few did. I also missed checking out the eCraftwell die cutting machine. But overall, the shopping was awesome and I met so many lovely ladies I’ve only known from their blog posts. I sure hope you all get to go another year!


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