February 06, 2010

And I thought I was busy before!!

I am sooooo busy now! I have made almost everything for the sale, just a few things to finish up. I’ve set up a table here at home to lay everything out so I know ahead where it goes and I’m going to take a photo to make it easy to remember. It didn’t take too long to set it out which was good so I don’t have to leave too much time on Sunday. Best part is the table looks full, maybe a wee bit too full, so I am not wishing I had made a ton more stuff. Seems like a good mix of cards vs 3-D items. I PROMISE, I will show you all of it including a photo of the set up in situ at the show.

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted more lately. My PVR (TiVo in the US) is full, house messy, I haven’t showered today (no, I don’t smell hee hee) and my craft room is a mess so it isn’t just you I’ve ignored! Sorry! I think I have about 50,000 boxes saved to transport all of this to the show. Hope I have enough!! :)

Thanks for sticking with me and especially to my subscribers, none of whom have unsubbed since my crafting rush/sicky time started back in the last week of December. You are all sweethearts! Wish me well!


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