April 14, 2009

Stripes Card Gift Set

There are some really lovely people in my congregation who always seem to be giving and giving. Once in a while, I’d like to give back. I can’t do a whole lot of practical things for most people but I can give them some cards I’ve made. I don’t know the personal taste of this couple beyond seeing what they wear monogram s stripes indiv card because I’ve never been to their house. So I kept these cards very neutral, even a bit boring. When I give them, I’ll offer the wife some girlie ones with her own initial rather than the surname initial if she’d like. I didn’t do that this time because I am not sure if perhaps he writes some of the notes (he is that kind of guy) so they are a bit more masculine than I would normally make. I also didn’t want them too girlie even if she writes them because they might be from both of them and I don’t want him to be uncomfortable with his name in a girlie card. Most guys wouldn’t care less, a few might object to anything feminine monogram s stripes set cards and this guy definitely isn’t the pink shirt type. (Rebecca, can you guess which couple I’m talking about??) My phone number will go in the bottom of the box with a “For Refills, Call…” sign! I think it will be really cute as I do want to make more when they run out. Now the box is pretty plain, again, I don’t know their taste, but I didn’t mind it being girlie here because chances are, she will be responsible for storing them.

I went the ‘discount’ way with my cuts. I say that because I cut my 12x12” paper into 3x4” pieces for the bottom panel and monogram s stripes box 2.25x4” for the top panel. I know some people prefer to use full width pieces for this type of card but that wastes a lot of paper and this way you get a matted look. True, the paper isn’t actually wasted, the scraps can be used for something else, but it divides more efficiently cutting 12” paper into 4” pieces. You KWIM! I have four other sets to make sometime soon, 2 for gifts and 2 more for other deserving couples in our congregation.

Enjoy, Rebecca

Lovely letters
Ink: Chocolate chip
Paper: DSP, banana, chocolate, brocade blue, bashful blue, white CS
Accessories: Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, cocoa grosgrain ribbon, foam dots-Jody Morrow, sheer white ribbon, paper rose-UK, silver cord (for stretchy belly band technique). All products by SU! Unless otherwise noted.

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Donna Howe San Jose CA said...

What a lovely gift! I am sure they will love it. God Bless You.