April 21, 2009

Masked Glimmer Mist Card

Here is another card I made at the Card Buffet class I took on Saturday at Scrapfest. Super simple but fun. The card is a textured, deckled-edge, pre-scored card by Strathmore. There were matching envelopes too which was nice, especially for this size, 5” x just shy of 7”. The paper is similar in texture to rough watercolour paper but much thinner. I sprayed it with Moonlight blue scroll maskGlimmer Mist over a Tattered Angels  mask. In my own workspace, as opposed to the class situation, I will be sure to spray my masks with repositionable spray adhesive so the image is sharper. As you spray the GM on the paper, the paper curls up and the mask lifts up in places. This allows the GM to spray under the mask and the image gets indistinct. Still, it is an interesting effect. I used an Xacto knife to cut along the masked image and then tucked my focal image underneath. Makes for an interesting, flat, easy-to-mail card.

TIP: Get a clean, empty pizza box for spraying all glimmer mists, inks and adhesives. With the box lid at slightly more than a 90 degree angle, cut ‘wings’ out of fabric to prevent overspray at the edges. Using fabric means you can staple the fabric in place but still close the box when not in use. Place the box on a table or counter, the lid should want to fall back but stay up because of the fabric wings. This set-up also allows you to place your project vertically if you wish, which prevents big blobs if you want only fine spray. When your work is vertical, the blobs fall before reaching your project because they are so heavy.

Enjoy, Rebecca

Stamps and Ink:
Paper: card base-Strathmore, image-Crafty Secrets
Accessories: Tattered Angels moonlight GM and mask, ribbon-UK


Yvette said...

Hi Rebecca,

Im new to your blog... wanted to say that I find your work very inspirational! This card is sooo cute!!!

Yvette said...

Hey Rebecca I tried emailing you but there was an error in sending my message to you.... Here is the message I sent to you...

Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for your comment.

To answer your question Im not a nurse... However I have worked in the medical field... but found it to be quite stressing!!! :) ...... I worked in a very busy doctors office with around 10 doctors.

My blog is pretty boring right now as I am new to card making. I've been scrapping for a little over one month now... I dont know where I've been, but surely I've been missing out!!! :) I love browsing through all the talent out there. My cards are soooo poorly made compared to yours and everyone elses... I've been very hesitant to post any of mine.... I would like to one day... I blame my cards on not having the tools that I need... Card making can be a very expensive habit!!! A good and happy habit I might add!!! :) ......... Right now Im a work in progress!!!

I'm open to suggestions as a beginner.... :)

Thank you again Rebecca for visiting my blog! Your blog is on my everyday list!!!

Have a great evening!!!

Yvette Cantrell

Cassie said...

so, so beautiful!!

i've got the pearl color i think and don't care for it much - it's hard to see, even IRl - but I think i need to get some other colors to full appreciate this product!!