November 12, 2008

Scrapbook in a Box part 2

Here is the interior of the project I showed you yesterday. I decided to break it into 2 parts because I didn't want my posts to get too long and I didn't get much done on the weekend either (so not too many things to blog about this week)!scrapbook box mj int1 In the photo you can see all of the pages inside. There were lots of scraps from the corners of the pages that were cut off (each interior section is cut from one piece of paper) so I tried to use them up. You can see I used two of the corners from the plaid paper in the interiors of two of the blue pages. One of them covers up the eyelet holes from the front panel. Each interior page has a 1/16" hole in the top corner. Although not pictured, I made about a dozen little tags using the word window punch, leftover plaid paper stamped in not quite navy and riding hood red using combinations of words from Everyday Flexible Phrases, like 'special boy', 'mother and baby', 'summer vacation' etc. I put the tags and silver cord in a little bag to include with the scrapbook. That way the mom and dad can add the tags where appropriate. On advice of my 7 year old, Jameson, I added a few blank ones so they could write in anything else they wanted.

scrapbook box mj int2 You can just barely see one in the second photo, but I used the Basic Grey half circle cutter to punch the equivalent of photo corners into four leftover corners of the olive cardstock. This will allow the parents to slide photos under the corners, then I adhered them to the back of the patterned paper making sure not to use adhesive in the corners. I even measured the photo size needed and wrote it in with pencil. I think she scrapbooks a little so hopefully has a paper cutter but if I was giving this to a non-scrapbooker, I would cut a piece of scrap cardstock in the sizes required for all pages and include it inside.

Each page is embellished with something but I kept it very limited to leave lots room for photos. Some pages have stickers  or punched shapes on them, on others the stickers are lifted up on foam tape and I used my powder brush to spread powder all over the adhesive on the back, except the foam tape of course, so it is lifted up and the photo can slide under. Other pages have buttons with tiny embellishments glue dotted on. The red photo corners are similarly glued on with just the outer edges adhered with 1/8" red line tape so the photo can slip under.

I am really pleased with this project, I can't wait to give it to her. If it didn't have the baby's name on it, I would be tempted to keep it for my youngest! At least I have enough left from the kit to make another! My older son is dying to make one too. A good project for him I think, perhaps we will make some together!

Forgotten in the recipe in post 1: glue dots, foam tape. Thanks for reading!

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