September 04, 2012

Major Copic Colouring-Travel Postcard

I’ve had this stamp for ages but finally got to colouring it last summer. Yes, it’s true, this sat un posted THAT long. I kinda  forgot about it but then I was reviewing some old photos and stumbled upon it. I am very glad because it took me about 4 hours to colour it and I HATED to part with it once it was done but I made it for a swap so off it flew! I added a backing and turned it into a postcard.

travel postcard copic

Please, PLEASE click on it for a better look! I relied heavily on the water coloured stamp block image but since some of the shading wasn’t totally accurate, I added my own touch. I think I’ll colour this again soon and maybe try some other colours. Such fun!

Enjoy, Rebecca

1 comment:

Joan said...

Great card!!! Makes me want to buy the stamp!!!