August 01, 2009

Another Award- WAY COOL!!

Yeah, how AWESOME is this! A new internet buddy, Alysabeth Johnson from Layin’ Rubber Ink gave me this nifty award. I am so grateful. I work so hard to make this blog fun, informative and entertaining; it is so nice to be recognized once in a while.

circle-of-friends-awardI am supposed to pass this on to 5 other bloggers. I decided to not just pick bloggers who inspire me; as this is a Friends Award, I choose people who are ALSO my friends! So I nominate:






There are more I wanted to honour, don’t worry, your turn will be next!

Enjoy guys! Rebecca!


Yvette said...

Awww Rebecca, you are such a sweetie! I love my blog friends and I'm glad you are one of them!

Yvette said...

Hey girlie!! Me again... :) Wanted to give you my new blog link. Hope your weekend has been good thus far!


Lisa said...

AWWW! Rebecca, you really made me smile so big & warmed my heart!! You are such an awesome friend, a great listener, and always so supportive. And this is just so sweet!! You just made my day! Big hugs! Love, Lisa =D