July 23, 2009

Pink Violets-Easy to Make Multiples

Nichole Heady asked a question on her blog: Do you make cards in multiples? I actually don’t very often and mostly for gifts, invitations or to sell. But it got me thinking, I remembered I had saved a card that would be perfect, super simple but very classy. So I CASEd it. Actually, I almost copied it! Different stamp and ribbon but otherwise pretty much the same. I don’t have a link but the card was by Angela Jones for There She Goes.

pink violets I used my Bow Easy to tie all of those little bows. All that tying lead to a Bow Tying Tutorial I hope you enjoy (or have enjoyed, I never know which order I am going to post in!) I’m afraid I can’t remember who makes this violet stamp but it was so close to the one I was CASE’ng I used it even pink violets envie frontthough the card is pink, not purple. Yah know, violets and all? The original had sheer black  ribbon with white dots, I wish I had some of that. I also stamped the envelope, something I hardly ever do until it is time for mailing. I am toying with the idea of making a cool box or basket for them and either giving them as a gift or selling them. They do need one more element, the original had a sentiment pink violets envie flapstamped across the white panel just above the  black ribbon. If I sell/gift them, I guess I will just stamp popular sentiments on them.

Enjoy, Rebecca

Ink: pretty in pink-SU!
Paper: pink CS-unknown, white, black CS-SU!
Accessories: ribbon-SU!


Andrea Walford said...

Beautiful card! Love the dark flower! I have some burgundy coeopsis in the garden that are almost black!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Very pretty! What do people mean when they say they CASE'd a card? I always assumed they were just using the word "case" to mean used as inspiration or copies elements but not all of it. But is that an acronym that stands for something?

Amy Sisson said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for visiting and leaving me the comment/explanation for CASE! That makes perfect sense.

I think it's fun I keep coming across so many Canadians on my inkstamp blog hunts. ;-) I am American but my husband is Canadian. He's from Manitoba but his parents (who are British) have retired to Vancouver.

Thanks again!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

(Whoops, sorry, that was me -- I forgot I was logged in to my other gmail account!)

Alysabeth said...

Love it:o)