July 04, 2009

BBQ and Pony Party!!

Remember the BBQ invitations? I have been so busy this month. All last week, I was finishing my Clear Dollar Stamps cards and getting ready for the BBQ . Finally the day came this past Saturday. This was our third annual church potluck BBQ, each year I get braver and invite a few more people.  There are always quite a few who can’t come so I ended up with about 50 people there. The kids came first to play in the water and ride the ponies, the adults start arriving during the pony rides. In case you are wondering, we provide burgers, freshly made by yours truly!, hotdogs, punch and a few snacks to get the kids started before everyone arrives. Graciously, everyone else brings something so it only ends up costing about $150. (Not including the $150 for the pony!)

We couldn’t have ordered up better weather. Just warm enough for the kids to be able to play in the water and not so hot that the adults were melting (or the block of ice in my punch pitcher!) It turned out to be the best BBQ so far. I thought I’d show you all a few of the pictures we took during the event. I can’t believe with all of the time Jameson spent in the water, we do not have a single picture of him sliding and I can’t show the other kids without permission from their parents. We have a cross between a kiddie pool and a wet banana, remember those? It is a sheet of plastic with a plastic tube around the edge forming a ring, it gets filled up with water to hold it up. This allows the sheet of plastic to hold a couple inches of water. Then the kids slide either on their tummies or on a mini surf board. Best $40 bucks we ever spent! Hope you enjoy the pix.
j and s pony1
Jameson and Spencer on the pony. Spencer is happier than he looks.
j closeup bbq
Jameson with slightly purple lips from playing in the water before the sun warmed it up!
j pony Jameson on the pony. He says he went on 7 rides but I manage to have few pictures of him. Hmmm…

Spencer holding nana’s hand waiting for his turn.

s bbq day

s and s pony 
My sister, Sarah, with Spencer on the pony. The first ride he kept saying, “No, no, no” but after a ride with his brother, he went over and over quite happily!
s and s pony2
Sarah and Spencer again.
spencer close up bbq
Spencer just smilin’. He is very serious so this was a great catch by a young friend of mine who manned the camera part of the day. Thanks Caleb!
sarah with boys pony

Sarah chatting with the boys!









j feeding pony
Thank you pony for all the rides!

Enjoy, Rebecca!

Great weather + 2 ponies + oldies music + 1 BBQ + great food + fabulous friends and family+ 1 camera = Lifelong Memories!!

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The Handy Geek said...

Wonderful Fun. Thank you for having us. My shorts are almost dry from my encounter with the slip & slide :)
Thanks. Dave Lisa & William