May 02, 2009

No Card Again!

So sorry guys. I've been busy decorating 26 chipboard letters, yep, A-
Z! And ALL DIFFERENT techniques! I'm using them as part of a quiz I am
running tomorrow at a local crop, hoping to drum up some business for
my at-home teaching and crop services! The gals have to guess the
technique/products used- most right wins! Wish me well! I will show
them to you a few at a time, along with the techniques and recipes.
And I still have two ScrapFest cards to show you, just too tired and
busy tonight to photograph and blog them. Have a great weekend.
Hopefully I'll have enough energy to post tomorrow night!


1 comment:

Yvette said...

Rebecca, I think your going to do a fantastic job!!! Enjoy your weekend! :)