March 16, 2009

Easy Way To Sew On Buttons-Sneak Peak!

I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my TT card scheduled to come out later today and show you a shortcut for sewing on buttons. I like to semi-fill the holes of the buttons with thread. Sure, a card doesn't need extra strands for strength like on clothing but it looks wimpy, IMHO, to only use one or two button closeup porcelainthreads! OK, so guess how many times I passed the thread through these holes... Looks like a lot right? 12 strands. However, I only actually pushed the needle through the holes 3 times! Start with a larger holed needle than usual for hand sewing. Pull out twice as much thread as you think you will need. Double it so you now have two strands. Then thread the needle using the folded end of the thread.  Now you should have 4 strands of thread. Even out the ends and tie them making sure that all the strands are the same length between the knot and the needle. You will get loops of extra thread sticking out as you sew if they aren't the same length. Now you only need to pass the needle through the button's holes 1/4 of the times you normally would to get great 'coverage'! I hope this tip helps you out!

Enjoy, Rebecca

RECIPE See post later today!


Cassie said...

that is a great tip rebecca! can't wait to see your twinkling card!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Great tip - I do use the 4 strands just as you have described, but I don't sew it as many times -- I guess my buttons are wimpy!!! LOL!! I like yours and will try to beef mine up - LOL!!! Thanks!!!

Erica said...

Now that's an AHA moment. Don't know why I missed this post and why I didn't think of it. Thanks.