March 25, 2009

Copic Certified!!

Yeah, I was Copic Certified today and I am so excited! The class was
great and I have awesome photos to show you. Meeting Marianne and
sitting with her at lunch was so cool; she drew and coloured the
cutest cartoon turtle while we waited for lunch! What an awesome
artist!! But I only got about 5 hours sleep last night since I woke up
for no reason at 3:00! Now I am a totally wiped. I should be able to
update you tomorrow! I can't wait to order an airbrush kit. I always
wanted to buy it from seeing samples on the Classroom and Thinking
Inking (links on the sidebar) so actually trying it out was so cool!
Now that I have been persuaded to switch from SU! cardstock to another
of the easier-to-blend-markers-on varieties I should have lots of cool
samples to show you! I'm no expert yet but maybe seeing my learning
curve can help you avoid some problems. If you have opportunity to
take this class, I highly recommend it!



Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I have been dying to be able to get to a class locally and have been following the schedule. We are expecting great coloring from you!! - Peggy M., a devoted subscriber.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca! *wave* It was a pleasure meeting you! Love your blog! :)