December 14, 2008

Hot Chocolate Blend Gift

I got the idea for this gift from another blogger, sorry, I forgot who. After getting all of the ingredients I had to decide how to layer it in the jar and how much to put in each jar. The recipe called for large amounts to be premixed then poured into each jar. I just figured it out somehow; I'm not sure but I think I used algebra! Who ever said you'd never use it again after high school!
hot choc jar The original recipe didn't use chocolate chips or marshmallows. All of the ingredients are so pretty; I had to layer it! In addition, it contains fruit sugar (texture in between granulated sugar and icing sugar; dissolves faster then regular sugar), hot chocolate powder, instant coffee and non-dairy creamer (you could use milk powder). The food recipe is below. You will have to figure out how much room you have in your jar, then divide it into 15, then what ever number you get, multiply it by the 'parts' number listed below. I prefer working in metric (come on now, I am Canadian!) so if your measuring cups use both, this is the time to try it out. If you prefer I will put approximate amounts below.

OK, now for the paper crafting. The lid is covered with cocoa DSP and the edges are wrapped in white twill tape glued with white glue at the seam,  then a chocolate grosgrain ribbon is wrapped around and tied. The twill is held on with 1/8" red line tape around the bottom only, the grosgrain isn't glued; the lid has a lip on the bottom edge, between that and how tight I tied it, it isn't going anywhere. The label is cut with Nestabilities in chocolate chip and white CS. I used the Nestie as a stencil and sponged on cocoa ink. The white layer is popped up with foam dots. In the corner are a button and caramel gingham ribbon both held on with glue dots.

I spelled out the words with letter stamps, they are REALLY tiny. TIP:To get them straight, I used a ruler as a stamping block! Because they are clear, I could see through them to the ruler line to make sure the base line of the letter, not the extra around it was on the line. You don't have to be out by much to really see it with such tiny letters. they are about 1/4" high, the lower case a bit smaller. One funny thing, this was to be called Mix not Blend but there is no lowercase X in the set, a manufacturing error!
ruler letter stamping block 
ribbon thru mat 
I slit the mat of the label so the ribbon could pass through.  You can also see how I clip the ribbon ends to hold them while the glue sets. This photo didn't work out last time. Do not put the clips directly over the glue or it will spread beyond where you put it, possibly sealing your loop.
belly band jar
This shows my stretchy belly band technique. This will allow the recipient to remove the label if needed. I would recommend this when adding the mix back into the jar; it needs to be mixed up before use otherwise the first two cups will me nothing but chocolate chips and marshmallows! Actually, why am I complaining?.... :)You can see directions and more photos here. I figured it out roughly and this gift costs about $6 Canadian to make, not including paper crafting supplies. Although the $60 we spent on ingredients and $1 for each of 12 jars at Dollerama was nothing to sneeze at, when you realize how much this makes it is a pretty cheap gift. I can't even imagine how much some of you spend at Christmas! I just realized I should probably add the ingredients, how much to use and directions to mix before using so I will fold cardstock in half and cut out with a circle nestie leaving a tiny bit of the fold uncut as a hinge and write everything in there. I have some coffee and chocolate word stamps so maybe I will collage stamp those on the CS before I cut it. Hopefully I can just do a whole row of these down a sheet of cardstock and after writing in them, I'll simply glue them on the lid.

Enjoy and happy stamping! Rebecca

Paper RECIPE: Paper: chocolate chip and white CS, cocoa DSP
Ink: close to cocoa Stamps: Williamsburg font Letter Stamps by Technique Tuesday Accessories: red line tape, foam dots, glue dots, white glue, chocolate grosgrain and satin ribbons, button, cocoa gingham ribbon. All by SU! unless otherwise noted!
Food RECIPE: in order of layering from bottom-hot chocolate powder 4 parts, non-dairy creamer or milk powder 4 parts, instant coffee 2 parts, fruit sugar 3 parts, handfuls of chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, marshmallows. if you want it really easy, fill about 1/4 with hot choc powder, 1/4 with the creamer or milk powder, a bit less than 1/3 of what is left with coffee, a bit less than half of what is left with sugar and top with goodies!

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