November 11, 2017

Poppies Card with Embossed Die Cuts

Today is Remembrance Day in many countries so our hostess asked us to use poppies or make a card of gratitude or respect. I chose to make a generic card with poppies on it.

c4c poppies

Sorry the photo isn’t too great; I had to use my phone. But in a way it allowed the lighting, not in my light box which overexposes clean whites, to show the detail.

I tried a couple of new embossing techniques on this card. The background was spritzed with water before pouring the rose gold powder over it. This gave me splatters of rose gold like you would get from a mist or paint. Next I die cut the flower and removed the die cut to give me just the negative space. I saved this die cut and cut two more. For the blue peeking through the negative space, I used some Navy Steel powder by Simon which I poured on a scrap of cardstock inked with Versamark. Then repeat 3 times until I got smooth even coverage. Then I adhered it to the back of the negative space.

The last technique is to cover a die cut in rose gold powder. It’s the same basic technique as covering the scrap with Navy powder but it’s trickier because it’s small and delicate plus you don’t want any naked spots! There are several methods you can use. Some people use temporary adhesive to attach the die cut to a tab of paper so they can hold it while inking and heating it. I prefer to use tweezers on all but the last layer and I move it to a different spot each time. For the last layer, I place my die cut on a heat proof surface and use the tweezers to hold them, not by clamping them on my paper but by placing them in the space between the stems so they can’t blow away. If the die cut had been sturdier, I would have used the tab method.

In case you are wondering, yes, I could have embossed a large scrap then die cut it. But then the edges aren’t smooth and sometimes the powder can chip especially when you use so many layers.

Enjoy! Rebecca

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