February 24, 2016

Lighthouse Water Colour Cards

Do you ever go back and revisit stamps you hardly ever use? I don’t do that far often enough but while looking for good stamps to use on masculine cards, I pulled out this fabulous stamp.

watercolour lighthouse ty

The stamp is actually even larger than what you see; there is a quote I didn’t stamp that goes in the space where the Thanks is. When I cut the paper for this card, I had a sliver left over. Which leads me to a short cut layout for such a larger stamp…

watercolour spotlighthouse sym

…spotlighting!  The perfect technique to use when you don’t have time to colour the whole image. It’s a way under used technique both by myself and the community at large, at least from what I’ve been seeing lately. And it’s so fun! People who don’t paper craft are always entranced by it. Much like shaker and magic cards! You can do spotlighting with a strip of paper or a circle or other die cut shape. Then you place the coloured portion over a plain stamped version of the same image. Many people use grey or black for the larger image but really you could use any colour. Sometimes the spotlight image is matted for even more impact.

I hope this inspires you to try this technique!

Enjoy, Rebecca

Dies by Dee and SSS.

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