January 26, 2016

Kiss Kiss Mixed Media Canvas

I am always saving photos on Pinterest and in my photos on my phone. This time my inspiration came from the Stampington newsletter. I’d link to it but the newsletter wouldn’t allow me to save a URL to either it or the photo. Boo!!

kiss kiss canvas

I started by adding some music paper from an old songbook from my church using soft gel medium. The titles were all love related although 2 got covered up entirely or too much to read; the other two peek out just a bit but I know they are there. The top of the paper got a coating too. Then I added gesso; I usually mix in some water but I didn’t this time, now I wish I had since the music paper texture is a bit too covered up after adding the acrylic paint layer on top. Before the acrylic paint tho, I added the sticky backed canvas with folds for more texture.

kiss kiss2

Next I added the paint. Unbleached titanium white in the middle and a blend of white, blue and teal for the outside with burnt umber along the canvas edge. Then I painted on the flowers, to say that was a trial is not fully expressing the frustration I felt. I was struggling to mimic the loose almost watercolour-ish nature of the original canvas. Because I was working on a very porous surface, the paints just wouldn’t blend like I wanted. On the original canvas, I suspect they used gel medium to seal the surface before painting the flowers or maybe the acrylic paint was smooth enough, not sure. I finally got them to a point where they were good enough to leave alone, 6 layers or more later!

Last but not least, the finishing touches: script writing stamped in brown (stamped off) around the edges and in turquoise in the center, a few clear sequins, the frame, a Crate Paper rub-on sentiment and a big recycled sari silk bow. Nuts, I just realized that I meant to add some gold rub on paste also known as gilder’s paste to the edges. Oh well, I am not going to retake the photos after I do and swap them out because this is already the third time I took photos then changed it! First retake I had added the stamping, second time I added the bow! Just use your imagination!

Enjoy, Rebecca

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Graciellie Design said...

So pretty and full of texture... The colors are wonderful too!