May 14, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow, fellow CDS DT member Lisa gave me this awesome blog award! I am so blessed! What a sweetheart! Thank you so much.


Now I have to give this to 10 bloggers I think are beautiful and list 10 things about me.

My 10 current fave bloggers in no particular order:
1. Mishie Wooderson
2. Sharon Harnist
3. Sharon Johnson
4. Katie Renz
5. Laurie Wilson
6. Danni of Danni’s Doodles
7. Sarah Henton
8. Lori McCroskey
9. Tim Holtz
10. Betsy Veldman

1. I used to sew custom bras but don’t anymore because after so many bras, one looks just like the next… boring.

2. My mom has blonde hair and my dad is dark. I have dark hair and hubby is blonde. Mom swore up and down that after she had three dark-haired girls, I couldn’t possibly have blonde babies. Both of my kids are blonde! (If you want to know the genetics of it, email me as it gets a bit long.)

3. I know about the genetic stuff because I used to be a Registered Nurse.

4. I no longer work as a Registered Nurse because I have lupus (see sidebar for link). I am still registered but I can’t work.

5. I have two beautiful little boys who are healthy despite my lupus, they is my greatest blessing in life! (and they are blonde!)

6. I crazy LOVE sour candy!

7. I listed how many crafts I’ve tried (and managed to learn decently) when I applied for a job as Craft Reporter with Craft Critique. It was over 30! I love learning new things and moving  on. Only paper crafting/stamping/scrapping and sewing have taken for any length of time.

8. I love almost any genre of movie. Anything from romantic to horror including and especially zombie movies to action and ‘guy’ flicks. It has to be Satanic/demonic before I won’t at least check it out.

9. Hubby is taking the little one to his parents and the older one is on a trip with nana so I can watch any movie I want this weekend!!!!

10. I am going to be lonely this weekend…



Kevin Renz said...

I just happened to hop on over and thank you sweet Rebecca! Loved reading all the little factoids about you... here's one for the genetics... my hubby has brown hair, but was a blondie as a toddler. I of course have very dark hair and am Asian, but my oldest ended up with Auburn hair...

Laurie Wilson said...

Oh gosh, thanks for the compliment! I am so sporadic in posting, feel like I don't deserve it, you are super kind! Interesting facts about you, I remember seeing the link from before on the homestitched bras, now THAT is talent!