December 30, 2009

Baby Card Gift Set – Part 2

This is the other baby card gift set I worked on at the same time as the one in THIS POST. Only this set is for a girl with a darker skin tone. I can only imagine it must be hard to find images coloured into look like ethnic babies.

pti baby card set girl afro
pti baby card set girl afro side by side
pti baby card set girl afro closeup
Everything about this set is exactly the same as the  other set except the other set is in a different colour (d’uh) so please see that post for more details and the recipe. :)

Enjoy, Rebecca


kathy s said...

lovely set as wel- love this stamp set will have to source it here in Aus. Happy New Year.

Amy Sheffer said...

So cute and sweet! Just perfect for a baby girl!