October 06, 2014

Znetshows Deep Waters Crystal Necklace

I absolutely LOVE this and can’t wait to wear it. The finish on all the beads is an interference coating. Which means the beads look different depending on the way the light hits them. Yeah!

znet blues crystal necklace

The rondelles are Chinese crystals from Znetshows, those are the first crystals on either side of the pendant. Then they continue in an ‘every other’ pattern with some other crystals. I think the colour is called Sahara Green. But they also look sort of purplish in some light. Lovely!

Interestingly, the pendant is actually also the clasp. It’ s magnetic! Cool right? When I first got these crystals, I wasn’t very impressed. But once I got other beads to go with them, I am thrilled!

Enjoy, Rebecca

Bead Galley (crystals other than Znetshows), pendant-LBS (local beading store), crystal rondelle spacers-Ebay

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