February 18, 2009

Still sick!

Not only am I still sick with this nasty sore throat but now I have
weird lights dancing in front of my eyes. I've been listening to
music; can't really craft or read too many emails at once. Just got
home from over 7 hours in ER to make sure it wasn't something serious
related to my lupus or something neurological (brain related). It
probably is an atypical (unusual set of symptoms) migraine. No pain? I
guess that is way atypical!! So I see an opthamologist tomorrow to
verify it but really they just exclude everything else until that is
the only thing left. I promise I will do the TT10 card eventually; at
this rate, in time for TT11! Thanks for all the well wishes, they
really perk me up. I've had enough of the lights now so enough staring
at a screen. Bye.



Cassie said...

oh rebecca - i'm so sorry to hear that! i hope that it turns out to just be a weird migraine and nothing serious! i don't know if i realized lupus; a stamping friend of mine here has lupus too.
hope you and your whole family is on the mend!!

Javablustamper said...

WOW! I sure hope you feel better soon! I am SO sorry you have to go thru that!! Take care!

Christi Flores said...

I am so sorry sweetie! Just try to rest as much as you can and dont push yourself. I'll be thinking of you!

Maggi said...

I hope you feel better soon!