December 21, 2015

Gift Card Holder Idea

Did you know you can make a gift card holder from a toilet tissue roll? They are exactly the right size when flattened!

teal gift card holder

If you are grossed out at the thought of reusing something from the bathroom, use a paper/kitchen towel roll cut to your desired length. I think I’ve heard in half is just right.  I covered mine in patterned paper but you can also paint it if you choose. Sometimes they are made from a great colour of kraft cardboard and you can use it plain! 6x6” paper is large enough if I recall correctly. (I made this ages ago!) I start by stapling the bottom closed and flattening the sides with my bone folder. I trim the top and bottom if necessary. They are usually fine but occassionally they are wonky.

I tend to add lace at the bottom before I glue on the paper. You can use liquid glue or Scor-Tape. Then I add some embellishments to the top edge. You can add wire, ribbon or twine as a hanger. I added some beads to mine. I hope you like this idea and can incorporate it into your gift giving. Easy Peasy right? If you use this idea, I’d love to see what you make!

Enjoy, Rebecca

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