June 15, 2014

Ocean Blog Hop

ocean blog hop

Welcome to my late entry for the Ocean Blog Hop. Between being being very busy and late with my blog post and the hostess missing my name so I wasn’t added to the original line up, I’m hoping I get at least a few comments!


I’m afraid my before photos are dismal. I took them in low light with my iPad and as cool as Apple devices are, their phones are not known for their low light amazingness. This is of course not all I received, some were already in their pieces and I received a larger quantity of some that didn’t fit in the photo. Of the two small green ones, some are round and some are faceted. They seem to be cultured sea glass, the round ones were between the freeform stick shaped beads and the faceted were packaged separately.

ocean blog hop necklace

This is a really hard necklace to capture in one shot with the equipment I have anyway. I used the items above plus some shell beads, amazonite, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and some nifty chain.

ocean blog hop necklace side

What I couldn’t show you above in the supply photo were the pretty sea horse charms I used in the necklace. I also used to have Swarovski crystal starfish on the end of the dangle with the circle chain and multiple beads at the end but as I only had one, I took it off for now. The focal bead is from Unicorne Beads which I bought from ArtBeads.

ocean blog hop earrings

I’ve been wanting to try bead wrapping for a while so I thought I’d had a go of it. I’m semi-happy with it. I like the right far better than the left which was the first one I did. You get better the more you do right?

ocean blog hop bracelet

And now, my bracelet. Basic stringing and not that creative but I’ve never used spacer bars before so it was new for me. It wasn’t until after that I realized I had one more spacer bar and while I was making it, I’d been wishing I’d had another. But I’m never one to waste supplies and as I’d be wasting not just one strand of stringing wire but TWO, I just CAN’T restring it though I’m very tempted. I also wish it had more colour in it but I was determined to make one piece with nothing in it except the beads from the kit. I may add a charm though.

ocean blog hop tourmaline necklace

I did make one more piece using the bracelet from the kit but I have crappy photos and have since given away. I would have taken better pix before giving it away but I offered to make something for an Autism fundraising golf tournament silent auction without realizing it was 5 days away! By the time I got the reply and realized I had 3 days to make and deliver it, I was kind of in a rush. I packaged it without thinking and at the last second thought about pictures. Oops. It’s a shame I no longer own this lovely pendant but oh well. And I know it went to a good cause.

Since you can’t see it well, I’ll explain the beading pattern. Purple seed bead (PS), Green Tourmaline coins(GT), PS, tiny white Swarovski bicones PS, GT, PS. Then for the other grouping, it’s a green glass pearl with purple tourmaline coins then a bit larger white Swarovski bicones next to that. Thanks to everyone who made it this far. These alternate all along the length. I attached the pendant with a lobster clasp so it can be removed in the cooler months. It’s hard to see, but I made my own hook and eye clasp. It’s the first time I tried a clasp like this and I’m really proud. Click on any photo to see it better.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoyed my creations.



Anonymous said...

Rebecca - What a beautiful collection of Ocean pieces you created! I love them all. My favorite is the beautiful necklace with all of the dangles. The addition of shell beads and pearls really added to the theme. Thanks for being in the hop! I am adding a direct link to your blog post in the CBC group, so hopefully that will bring you some additional traffic.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Very pretty designs, Rebecca! I love the delicate green colour which expresses the sea to me and all the wonders found therein :) It was very clever to make the pendant detachable, thereby increasing its wearability.

Ann Schroeder said...

What pretty pieces! I like the monotone bracelet; it has a ver calming effect. The first necklace is so wonderfully be be be beach-y! Great work.

Carol Briody said...

They are are beautiful pieces Rebecca. Such a nice sentiment to donate towards a really good cause. Thank you for inspiring us!

Carol Briody said...

They are are beautiful pieces Rebecca. Such a nice sentiment to donate towards a really good cause. Thank you for inspiring us!

Jo-Ann said...

Love the variety of your creations. Your wire wrapping looks great!

Marianne Baxter said...

Wow, I think you did a lovely job of bringing in different techniques you have never used before. The wire wrapped earrings turned out really well.n I love how you added the pieces to the necklace and it looks like it hangs pretty well. I am still going thru all the blogs while trying to pack up pour home to move so don't feel bad about not getting on I am sure people will leave comments....really nice work

Kim said...

I think all of your pieces are lovely.

Shai Williams said...

What great designs! I really like both necklaces with the last one really shining! I am sure that the person who won it in the auction is very happy with it.

Karin G said...

All your pieces are lovely, I love your first necklace with all the charm and dangles and your wire wrapped are fabulous.

KayzKreationz said...

You made some very pretty pieces. I love the necklace with all the dangles, since I love dangles. Your earrings are great for the first time wire-wrapping and yes you do get better with practice. I also really like the bracelet with the spacers. They say odd numbers are better, so I think it's great with just the three. And that way you have one for another project. :) Nice job.

Unknown said...

I love your designs they are kind of frivolous if you now what I mean beautiful coloring and your wire wrapping looks great compared to what mine was first time I tried

Jill Bradley said...

Your entry in the Ocean blog hop was well worth the wait! The colors of your beads really match many hues from the beach. Your first necklace drips of delightful things to look at. The spiral on your wire wrapped earrings adds movement and fun. All of your pieces are great reflections of the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Great pieces Rebecca, and I like the wire-wrapped earrings, very nice!

Cornerstoregoddess said...

Such lovely tranquil colors and soothing designs. I can almost hear the ocean!